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About Us


Hello!  We are Garrett & Stephany.  The both of us always loved taking photos, and when we started dating we decided to take our passions further and create our photography business. We love what we do and can't wait pour our passion into your next shoot!


With an interest in technology and art, photography soon became a passion for us. We began by shooting photos of family members, friends, and nature; soon developing our own personal style. Deciding on a career in photography in 2018 was the easiest decision we have ever made, and we’ve never looked back!  We decided to not just be another "photographer", this is why we chose to specialize in being  a newborn photographer and maternity photographer.  

In the duo, Garrett is the technical one and also the main camera.  He likes to focus on the details of the camera to obtain a perfect exposure.  Stephany, the artist, is directing the shoots and coaching poses.  Afterwards, she takes her time editing the photos with attention to the smallest of elements of each one to make sure they're perfect.

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